Bottle of Mt. Brave Wine on a dinning table with gold accents

Malbec & Meat Holiday Gift Sets: Mt. Brave x American Almond Beef

A note from our Winemaker:

“No other variety expresses Mt. Veeder terroir quite like Malbec can. The blend of blue fruit and Tajin-spiced strawberry with the silkiness of resolved Veeder tannins is so unique. It’s possible I’m biased because I wrote my master’s thesis on Malbec, but this lineup is truly special. I’m fired up to share it with you.
Chris Carpenter Winemaker
Chris Carpenter, Winemaker, Mt. Brave Wines

What is American Almond Beef? 

American Almond Beef (AAB) is a family-owned farm that specializes in sustainably raised cattle. Fed a proprietary, nutrient-rich diet made from almond byproducts that promotes healthy growth, American Almond Beef’s cows are reared on over 7,000 acres of rich, Northern California soil. The result? Thoughtfully-raised beef with undeniable flavor. These steaks are intricately marbled, making them a natural choice for the dinner table—paired with a bold, Napa-grown red wine, of course.

American Almond Beef

Each Malbec & Meat Gift Set includes: 

(1) 3-bottle vertical set of Mt. Brave Malbec of the 2012, 2013, and 2014 vintages
(2) Cuts of American Almond Beef – choose from either New York Steak, Ribeye, or Filet Mignon
Note: Wine and meat will ship separately. Meat will begin shipping Monday, November 14, 2022.

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Mt. Brave Malbec & Filet Mignon


Filet mignon, also known as the tenderloin, is—you guessed it—the most tender cut of beef. It’s a luxurious piece of meat with a delicate, buttery-smooth texture. The floral undertones of Mt. Veeder Malbec’s robust berry fruit elevate the specialness of filet mignon. All three library Malbec bottlings, with their profound Veeder tannins beginning to soften after a few years spent in bottle, will be well matched for this particularly pristine cut. 

Malbec & Ribeye Set includes: 
(1) 3-bottle vertical set of Mt. Brave Malbec of the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Vintages 
(2) Filet Mignon Cuts of American Almond Beef, approximately 6-8oz cuts


Mt. Brave Malbec & New York


Known as the iconic steakhouse cut, a New York steak has consistent marbling and a lush flavor profile. And what do you drink at a steak house? A big, bold glass of red wine. Mt. Brave’s density and power can match the savoriness of any red meat, while the bramble fruit and barrel tones offer balance to the hard sear of a perfectly cooked NY cut. Cooking this serious steak over an open flame?
Even better. 

Malbec & New York Set includes: 
 (1) 3-bottle vertical set of Mt. Brave Malbec of the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Vintages 
(2) New York Cuts of American Almond Beef, approximately 10-12oz cuts


Mt. Brave Malbec & Ribeye


For many carnivores, ribeye is the crown jewel of cuts. It’s generously marbled with fat, which makes for a juicy and tender steak when cooked right (i.e. seasoned with salt and pepper, seared in a hot pan, and basted with plenty of butter). The intensity and concentration of our Mt. Veeder-grown Malbec, accented by structural acidity and broad tannins, can stand up to this mighty piece of meat.  

Malbec & Ribeye Set includes: 
(1) 3-bottle vertical set of Mt. Brave Malbec of the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Vintages 
(2) Ribeye Cuts of American Almond Beef, approximately 14oz cuts